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Top 5: Brassicas

Vegetable gardening in Melbourne’s winter tends to be all about Brassicas, well Brassicas and alliums – but once you’ve planted your garlic and onions they just sit there slowly growing all winter and spring.  The brassicas though actually produce in winter, so in … Continue reading

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The Taste of Green – Watercress Soup

I think my garden is in danger of being overrun by watercress – it seems to have gone particularly mad this year.  Its also about to flower and rather than have even more plants popping up everywhere I am trying … Continue reading

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Enough Water for Watercress?

In the last few years I was in the UK before coming home to Australia I reckon the sales of watercress there probably quadrupled – everyone it seemed to be eating it.  I suspect this probably coincided with some study or other revealing a … Continue reading

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Self Seeding – A lazy gardeners dream

A few weeks ago I went to a friend’s daughter’s birthday party and got talking to a woman  who was pleased to be able to put a name to her style of gardening.  She called it ecological gardening which she … Continue reading

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