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What do you think about? – Organic broccoli

I like having a blog, aside from its many other advantages having a blog means you get to ask people questions.  Technical questions, how to questions, scientific questions, morality questions and mundane questions.  I’ve come to the realisation that I … Continue reading

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The product of neglect

Regular readers will have noticed the sporadic (read non existent) nature of my posting of late.  This has mainly been due to a lack of inspiration although I prefer to blame work commitments, family, kinder committees and a raft of … Continue reading

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Should a gardener keep chooks?

When we first got our chooks (they were day old chicks at the time) in February last year the answer to that question would have been a resounding yes!  In fact I wrote a glowingly romantic Top 5 post about the highlights of … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 3rd & 10th February 2014

Last Monday I sat down to prepare my Harvest Monday post only to find my camera was refusing to talk to the computer and I couldn’t upload my photos.  Fortunately the camera has decided to be social in the intervening … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 27th Jan 2014

My harvest baskets are finally starting to look a little more summery.  This week I harvested my first Yugoslav tomato, along with quite a few more Tigerella and a few unknown cherries.  Whilst we are getting enough tomatoes to meet our salad … Continue reading

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