Pomegranate disappointment

I bought a pomegranate tree about 7 years ago. It spent a couple of years in a pot and then I planted it out to a spot that gets a reasonable amount of afternoon sun. I love pomegranates but ever since I have been waiting. Waiting for even a single fruit to set. The tree is supposed to be self-fertilising, but each year the flowers appear, pretty flowers.

And I watch as the flowers end, and a week or two later the fruit drops off. Each and every one of them. I know they take a while to regularly set fruit. But I think after 7 years I should have had one….surely….at least one beautiful pearl filled fruit.

At least they look pretty I guess, especially in Autumn when their leaves change. But I want fruit, from the pomegranate but also from the feijoa in the above picture which hasn’t ever flowered let alone fruited.

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