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Monday Harvest – 17th November 2014

My first harvest this week was something of a bonus, coming from self seeded broad bean plants.  My lethargy last Autumn was so great I sowed nothing but happily my failure to effectively clean up last years plants brought these. … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 10th November 2014

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post and even longer since I wrote a Monday Harvest post.  In a nutshell we’ve been away, mostly to spend time with my partners relatives in the UK but also to … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 27th Jan 2014

My harvest baskets are finally starting to look a little more summery.  This week I harvested my first Yugoslav tomato, along with quite a few more Tigerella and a few unknown cherries.  Whilst we are getting enough tomatoes to meet our salad … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 16th December 2013

Another week of erratic weather, another week of spasmodic plant growth, another week of harvests. I have 3 blueberry plants which I bought about 18 months ago.  They are growing in pots.  Two are fruiting at the moment.  Both are evergreen … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 2nd Dec 2013

Our weather is behaving a lot like a yoyo at the moment.  Today it got to 36.  The forecast high for Thursday is 17.  I’m struggling to acclimatise and the plants seem to be having much the same problem. The … Continue reading

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