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Saturday Spotlight on Sunday – “Italian Plain Leaf” Parsley

I love parsley.  It is probably my favourite herb and something I’m always happy to have a nibble of.  Whenever I find it sitting on a plate pretending to be a garnish I always eat it – you just can’t … Continue reading

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Parsley Soup

Parsley is something that is growing prolifically in the garden at the moment.  This is a good time of the year for green things.  Of all the crops I have growing the parsley and the silverbeet are probably doing best.  … Continue reading

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I cook pasta at least once a week, actually that sentence should probably read I cook Pasta Puttanesca about once a week.  I cook pasta more often but serve it with different sauces on the other days.  Puttanesca, or prostitutes pasta if … Continue reading

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An Insurance Policy – Fritters

When I was a little girl I used to be worried that something would happen to my mum and with her would go her recipe for macaroni cheese.  In retrospect I find this rather odd,  as I love my mother very much … Continue reading

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Self Seeding – A lazy gardeners dream

A few weeks ago I went to a friend’s daughter’s birthday party and got talking to a woman  who was pleased to be able to put a name to her style of gardening.  She called it ecological gardening which she … Continue reading

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