Planting Notes: Brassicas

*The following information is designed for a temperate southern hemisphere garden*

These planting notes come from my own experience of growing Broccoli in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  However every garden is different, as is every season and every year.  What may work once may not work again and what may not work the first time might be fabulous the next.  It rarely hurts to try something so please treat this information as a very general guide only.


When to plant?: Dependant on the variety but most commonly seed is sown during the summer months with seedlings being planted out in Autumn.

How long does it take?: 4-5 months from seed, 2-3 months from seedling.

How much space does it take up?: About 40cm square.

Pests?: Aphids, Cabbage White Butterflies, Rodents.

Can I grow it in a pot? Yes, but it will need to be a fairly big pot.

Care while growing?: Keep pests away and liquid fertilise fortnightly.

Harvesting?: When the buds look full and close together.  Once the initial head is harvested side shoots should appear a few weeks later.

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