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Saturday Spotlight – “Easter Egg” Radishes

I grow a few different radish varieties.  Watermelon radishes, French Breakfast, and Daikon (Mouli) but my favourites are the Easter Egg radishes.  In all honesty I’m not sure that this a result of any great superiority in flavour (although they … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight – Wild Rocket

I had a lot of issues with my lettuces this summer – they kept bolting in the hot weather.  Thank goodness for my Wild Rocket though, which gave us lovely salad leaves throughout the warmer months. Wild Rocket differs it’s wider leafed cousin Salad Rocket … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight – Green Sprouting Broccoli – Calabrese

I thought for this weeks spotlight I would highlight a plant which I am both sowing and planting out (to ensure a reasonable succession) at the moment rather than one I am harvesting.   Now I know a lot of people rave about Purple … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Soup

I am a big fan of soups, and particularly their ability to use a large amount of delicious home grown produce in a nutritious way.  I try and grow as many soup friendly ingredients as I can which is why … Continue reading

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Winter Brassica Round Up

I harvested my last remaining cauliflower last week which brought to a close the bulk of my brassica harvesting for this season.  In Melbourne most brassicas are generally grown as winter crops.  There are exceptions: radishes are grown all year, watercress … Continue reading

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