Spotlight Index


Cream Garlic – My Little Garden Project

‘Straightleaf’ Spring Onions – Suburban Tomato

Beans and Peas:

Beans for eating fresh:

Australian Butter – Climbing Beans – My Little Garden Project

Butterfly Pea – Kebun Malay-Kadazan Girls

Extra Precoce Violetto Fava Beans – From Seed to Table

Majestic Butter Beans – Suburban Tomato

Purple Queen Bush Bean – Our Happy Acres

Beans for Drying:

Greek Gigante Beans – From Seed to Table

Rattlesnake Pole Beans. – Our Happy Acres


Cylindrica Beetroot – Suburban Tomato

Beetroot – Home Sweet Kitchen & Garden


Autumn Raspberries – Bek’s Backyard

Apache Blackberry – Our Happy Acres


Broccoli & Cauliflower:

Green Sprouting Broccoli /Calabrese – Suburban Tomato

Fiesta Broccoli – Daphne’s Dandelions

Purple Cauliflower – Garden Glut

Purple Sicily Cauliflower – Home Sweet Kitchen

Romanesco Broccoli – Garden Glut

DiCiccio Broccoli – From Seed to Table


Mini Wombok – Garden Glut

Red Express Cabbage – Suburban Tomato

Savoy Cabbage – Garden Glut


Red Ursa Kale – Our Happy Acres

Tronchuda Beira (Portuguese Cabbage/Kale) – From Seed to Table

Other Brassicas:

Kossak Kohlrabi – Our Happy Acres

Radishes – City Garden, Country Garden

Rocket, Wild – Suburban Tomato



Finger Limes – Suburban Tomato


Baby Blue Jade Corn – Kebun Malay-Kadazan Girls



Minnesota Midget Melons – Garden Glut

Melons – Bek’s Backyard

Pumpkin & Squash:

Red Kuri or Potimaron Squash – My Little Garden Project

Pennsylvania Dutch Crooknecked Squash – Our Happy Acres


Summer Dance Cucumbers – Suburban Tomato

Tasty Jade Cucumbers – Our Happy Acres


Black Zucchini – Suburban Tomato


Autumn Raspberries – Bek’s Backyard

Apache Blackberry – Our Happy Acres

Finger Limes – Suburban Tomato

Minnesota Midget Melons – Garden Glut

Melons – Bek’s Backyard

Sabah Honey Pineapple – Kebun Malay-Kadazan Girls

Herbs, Greens & Salad Leaves:

Profuma Di Genova Basil – From Seed to Table

Flamingo Chard  – From Seed to Table

Verde da Taglio Chard – Our Happy Acres

Golden Corn Salad – From Seed to Table

Florence Fennel – Garden Glut

Turmeric – City Garden Country Garden

Mint – Suburban Tomato


Lettuce, Oakleaf – Our Happy Acres

Lettuce, Spotted Trout – Our Happy Acres


Flat Leaf Parsley – Italian Plain Leaf – Suburban Tomato

Sorrel – City Garden Country Garden

Spearmint ‘The Best’ – Our Happy Acres

Watercress – From Seed to Table


Celeriac – Giant of Prague – Suburban Tomato

Rainbow Carrots – Live in the Yard


Giant Winter Spinach – Our Happy Acres

Summer Perfection Spinach – From Seed to Table



Bonica Eggplant – Suburban Tomato

Pea Eggplant – Kebun Malay- Kadazan Girls

Prosperosa Eggplant – Beks Backyard

Millionaire” Eggplant – Our Happy Acres


Big Rainbow Tomato – My Little Garden Project

Tigerella – Suburban Tomato

Tomatoes – City Garden, Country Garden

Yugoslav Tomatoes – Suburban Tomato

Tomatoes – Multiple Varieties – Simple Garden Made Easy

Capsicums & Chillies:

Bishops Cap” Chillies – Suburban Tomato

Purple Beauty Capsicums – Suburban Tomato

Sweet Potatoes:

Beauregard Sweet Potatoes – Suburban Tomato


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  1. Louise says:

    This has turned out to be a fabulous collection of veggie reviews and a good reference point. Thanks for this great idea Liz – amazing how quickly this has grown and developed.

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