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Winter Brassica Round Up

I harvested my last remaining cauliflower last week which brought to a close the bulk of my brassica harvesting for this season.  In Melbourne most brassicas are generally grown as winter crops.  There are exceptions: radishes are grown all year, watercress … Continue reading

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Top 5: Brassicas

Vegetable gardening in Melbourne’s winter tends to be all about Brassicas, well Brassicas and alliums – but once you’ve planted your garlic and onions they just sit there slowly growing all winter and spring.  The brassicas though actually produce in winter, so in … Continue reading

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An Autumn of Salads – Vietnamese Coleslaw

So far for Vegplottings Salad Days posts I have written a variety of recipes which incorporate salad leaves.  This is the first though to use a leaf as a primary ingredient, in my previous posts they have been there for flavour and texture.  Here … Continue reading

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Photo-Vember: Keeping the kids in check…

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Photo-Vember: Fun with Cabbage


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