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Musing about Preserves – Peach & Chilli Chutney

This year might not have been a great year for veg in Melbourne but if my friends tree is any indication it has been a wonderful year for peaches.  She had loads and loads of beautiful, big and incredibly sweet peaches.  … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 27th Jan 2014

My harvest baskets are finally starting to look a little more summery.  This week I harvested my first Yugoslav tomato, along with quite a few more Tigerella and a few unknown cherries.  Whilst we are getting enough tomatoes to meet our salad … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday – 20th Jan 2014

Happy New Year!  Apologies for the lack of posts for the last couple of weeks but I have been making the most of the holiday season and I don’t like advertising our holidays online.  Unduly paranoid?  Perhaps…. We are back now … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 16th December 2013

Another week of erratic weather, another week of spasmodic plant growth, another week of harvests. I have 3 blueberry plants which I bought about 18 months ago.  They are growing in pots.  Two are fruiting at the moment.  Both are evergreen … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 25th Feb 2013

This week was definitely the week of the tomato.  I harvested some of every variety I grew this year, save the Beefsteak that never really got going and I suspect died sometime back.  In the basket below you can see … Continue reading

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