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Monday Harvest – January 19th 2015

We were away last week, playing in Phillip Island’s surf.  I love boogie boarding and spent an enjoyable week in the waves (mostly in a wet suit as it hasn’t been particular warm here for the past week or so).  … Continue reading

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December Harvests

Time seems to have gotten away from me, it’s the 7th January and I’ve yet to wish people a Happy New Year.  So to everyone who reads, has read this blog, or will read it in the future, I hope you … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest (and brief Summer Review) – 17th March 2013

Apologies for my silence over the past few weeks.  Part of my excuse is that I have had a lot of other things going on.  All positive, albeit time consuming.  The other part of my excuse (actually reason is probably … Continue reading

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Musing about Preserves – Peach & Chilli Chutney

This year might not have been a great year for veg in Melbourne but if my friends tree is any indication it has been a wonderful year for peaches.  She had loads and loads of beautiful, big and incredibly sweet peaches.  … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 27th Jan 2014

My harvest baskets are finally starting to look a little more summery.  This week I harvested my first Yugoslav tomato, along with quite a few more Tigerella and a few unknown cherries.  Whilst we are getting enough tomatoes to meet our salad … Continue reading

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