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Monday Harvest – 14th October 2013

It’s weeks like this when I am very, very glad that Coburg has a Farmers Market.  I’m smack bang in the middle of a ‘hungry gap’ with many of my winter crops finished or finishing and the summer ones a … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 7th October 2013

I finally got round to spending some time in the garden yesterday.  A lot of that time was spent cleaning up, and planting summer crops – the tomatoes are in – yay!  I also found time for some harvesting.  I pulled … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 30th Sep 2013

I don’t think I planned my garden particularly well this year.  I have a lot of gaps in the beds, and have had for quite some time.  I’m about to have a lot more as I rip out all the lettuces, … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – Sept 9th 2013

Spring has arrived and with it some warm weather and lots of flowers.  Some of them welcome, some a little less so. The welcome include the citrus, blueberries and broad beans. The citrus are at varied stages of development at the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Growing Garlic

I’ve learnt a lot about growing garlic this year….well at least I think I’ve learnt a lot.  Previously I’ve always just grown one variety of garlic which generally did OK for me.  This year though I decided to branch out and try some … Continue reading

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