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Harvest Monday – 31st Oct 2011

Ahhhh the excitement of a new crop and this week its Broad Beans! We had pasta with bacon, broad beans, pine nuts and lemon.  Here they are again from another angle (I actually think I should have waited a few … Continue reading

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Leanne at Dirt and Flowers has another blog, Leanne Cole’s Blog where she talks about all matters photographic.  She suggests that November become PhotoVember (which I think will be more attractive and less prickly than the fabulous Movember).  She is … Continue reading

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To Pick or Not to Pick – That is the Question!

This cabbage is testing my patience!  Actually the 5 others I have growing that have not even reached this stage are more annoying but this one is causing me to have the most self restraint. You see it has a heart … Continue reading

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Another Woman’s Compost – Vegetable Stock

As I mentioned in my Monday Harvest post this week, much in my garden is bolting making it fairly inedible.  Fairly but not completely and that’s where this week’s Kitchen Cupboard post comes in.  Today faced with a forest of … Continue reading

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We moved into our current house in July and remarkably (well I found it remarkable) for the time of year there were ripe passionfruit on the vine.  The next season we had an absolutely fabulous bumper crop.  This was 4 years … Continue reading

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