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Drying Herbs: Oregano

I cut my oregano for drying today. I’ve always imagined myself cooking in a large kitchen with bunches of home grown dried herbs and garlic hanging from the ceiling.  Sadly this has yet to eventuate, I seem to have inhabited … Continue reading

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A Sense of Danger: Growing Sorrel

I have to admit to being slightly scared of sorrel.  As a plant it looks unassuming but then I think about all that oxalic acid and I start to feel a little concerned. The truth is that Sorrel is slightly … Continue reading

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Beware: Can cause cut fingers – Lemongrass

I find Lemongrass grows pretty well during Melbourne’s warmer months.  Over winter it tends to hibernate and if you get frost it may not last the winter.  This is what one of my lemongrass plants looked like last May. It … Continue reading

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Cucumber & Radish Salad with Feta Dressing

In another life, or at least long enough ago that it feels like another life, I was vegetarian.  I kind of wish I still was but what with young children and a heavily carnivore partner its easier to just eat … Continue reading

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The Ferny Fronds of Dill

My dad occasionally calls people a dill.  I’m not sure if this is a particularly Australian thing to do but just in case it is, it means; a bit silly.  I’ve been trying to relate being a bit silly to … Continue reading

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