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Lemons & Meyer Lemons

I was recently asked to describe a Meyer Lemon.  In the process of attempting to describe it I realised that describing flavours is actually quite difficult, and yet here I am about to have another go. For anyone not familiar … Continue reading

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A Winter of Salads – Waldorf

I went round to mum & dad’s for dinner last night, saw the magnificent celery they had growing in their garden and decided to make a Waldorf Salad.  Over dinner we were talking about salads and it seemed that whilst … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Cake

I want to get better at cooking with rhubarb.  I keep reading wonderful posts about cooking with it.  Doesn’t Masala Herb’s tart sound just amazing?  Her tart not withstanding though I often find that when I cook with rhubarb the finished product doesn’t … Continue reading

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Lumpy bits – Citrus Gall Wasp

My citrus are under attack, I have found the dreaded lumps on my Eureka Lemon, Meyer Lemon, Orange and Lime.  Unlike many of Australia’s pests citrus gall wasp is actually a native annoyance.  Having lived for years in our native … Continue reading

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An Autumn of Salads – Fig & Pecorino

In my garden at the moment I have a lovely selection of leaves available for eating.  I have some new lettuces coming on: oakleaf varieties, Cos, Salad Bowl, my personal favourite – Freckles and a number of unknown varieties from a mix.  … Continue reading

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