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Strawberry Jam

We went strawberry picking last weekend.  I have to admit strawberries are something I really struggle to grow well.  I think this is probably for a number of reasons.  Partially limitations around space, partially limitations around sunlight, but mostly limitations … Continue reading

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Lemons, so many lemons….

After The New Goodlife’s fabulous top 5 post about lemons earliers in the week and Bek from Bek’s Backyard’s adventures with Limoncello I thought it only appropriate I continue with the lemon theme for this week’s Thursday Kitchen Cupboard post. My … Continue reading

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About 6 months ago I wrote a post about the best crops to grow in pots and both Mark & L recommended blueberries, so how could I not get some? I bought 3 plants, but sadly have managed to lose … Continue reading

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Citrus Update

I have a number of citrus trees, which are all coming into new growth at the moment.  There’s a lemon tree in the front garden and 7 potted citrus out the back.  The potted citrus are all dwarf except for my finger … Continue reading

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Citrus Leaf Miners

Annoying little critters aren’t they?  You can see their telltale trails on the leaves below: Although I don’t tend to get other leaf miners, my citrus are frequently attacked by citrus leaf miners.  The general consensus seems to be that … Continue reading

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