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Curry Leaf Trees in Winter

I had friends over for dinner last night.  It was a last minute thing so fortunately they weren’t expecting much.  I burnt the beans and cauliflower, only just cooked the chicken and the sauce for the fish tasted bitter.  Not … Continue reading

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Mulching for winter

I had a chance to get out in the garden last weekend, and a fine time to garden it was too.  Saturday and Sunday morning were comparatively warm and sunny, and rain was forecast for Sunday afternoon and evening. A perfect time … Continue reading

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A garden & harvest update

I haven’t posted in a while, a case of work & study getting in the way of real life.   All this general busy-ness has meant I haven’t posted about all those exciting end of Summer, start of Autumn harvests.  It … Continue reading

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Last nights dinner – A growers feast

A few weeks back I posted about Grow it Local and their local growers feast.  Well I got tickets.  A very big YAY!  And the feast was fab.  There were: great speakers like Costa from Gardening Australia.  Deano brought some … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 23rd Feb 2015

Warning: This post contains gratuitous images that may distress those whose tomato crop has failed. Yay for a good tomato season is all I can say.  Few eaten by rodents, the plants fruiting well, or reasonably well, and loads of laden … Continue reading

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