October – The Wrap Up

The Garden on the 7th Oct 2011

I was very productive in the garden this month. Almost all my summer crops are planted, some have even been mulched, and I have been regularly sowing seed to replace things which are bolting all over the place now the Spring has sprung.


The potatoes are growing nicely:

The tomatoes are doing their thing:

Even the horseradish looks pretty.

I have been buying a few new things:


And reviving a few old ones (these I moved from a shady spot under the passionfruit in the hope they would produce some nice berries):

But mostly I have been sowing my own:


On the left are canteloupe (rockmelon) and watermelon and excitingly the punnet on the right is cumin – sown from some seed I bought for use in the kitchen.  Roll on the home grown curry!

To see what I planted when click here: October 2011

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14 Responses to October – The Wrap Up

  1. Phoebe says:

    Wow looking fantastic. There is so much growing, and cumin, how exciting!

    I wonder how much the tomatoes will grow this weekend with the warm weather!?

  2. Diana says:

    You have a very early good start with warm season vegetables! Ah thanks for the tips of the cumin. I go and sow some cumin seeds from my herb bottle as well.

    • Liz says:

      I keep getting worried that there’s something wrong with them – I seem unduly anxious this year – perhaps because I’m blogging about them I’m concentrating on them more…

  3. Mark Willis says:

    I notice that you have the Horseradish in a pot. Is that because it is invasive?
    I like the idea of tying the tomatoes to the stake with a piece of tights material – presumably its stretchiness will allow for growth better than string would.

    • Liz says:

      I grew horseradish in the ground last year and I’m still trying to get rid of it – bits coming up everywhere. So yes I though I’d try a pot and see what happens – it seems to like to spread its roots though so it may not be super happy. I always use tights with my tomatoes – mainly because I have lots and as you say it does allow for growth. My dad swears by twine though and his tomatoes don’t seem to mind.

  4. Our horseradish is planted in a bed on the plot and does need strict control – we have yet to dare to harvest it as we keep hearing horror stories.

    The new plants that you bought is thelast one a mini kiwi as the leaves look just like ours.

    • Liz says:

      That is a passionfruit – I really should have labelled them shouldn’t I. I’m thinking of getting a kiwi though. With the horseradish – my problem was that because it was planted amongst other things I couldn’t dig thoroughly to remove all the bits of root, and so it has been suckering everywhere. If you have it in a self contained area it should be easier. Having said that it is persistent stuff – I have posioned a lot of the suckers and I’m still getting more.

  5. Rick says:

    Everything looks beautiful! It is so fun to see your garden growing when mine is currently covered with snow!!

  6. Robin says:

    It’s so wonderful to see the beginnings of a summer garden when we are going into winter 🙁

    I have never thought of growing cumin. Great idea!

    • Liz says:

      Thanks Robin. The cumin is purely experimental and at the moment I’m not sure its going to work – some of the seedlings seem to be dying off. Hopefully the rest will survive.

  7. Bee Girl says:

    Everything looks happy, healthy, gorgeous and green! Yay!!!

  8. Jo says:

    It all looks so healthy and lush, beautiful. I love the idea of a homegrown curry.

  9. Goodness you’re potatoes look impressive. I thought mine were spectacular but they’re nothing on yours. I won’t be showing Mr Good that photo, he’s super impressed with the ones in our garden so I won’t go ruining his opinion of my gardening greatness just yet.

    I love the photos, it all looks like a veritable food forest.

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