Pots, Pots, and more Pots

I have too many pots, well actually that’s not quite true as I’m currently trawling ebay for more – I need some nice ones for my recent dwarf citrus investments.   No my problem is that I have too many boring black plastic pots which although functional are just not that interesting to look at.

See,  so bored am I by the black pots I can only bear to photograph the rim…..It’s time I got a bit more creative about what I use to plant in.  I do currently use some things other than black pots but polystyrene fruit boxes really aren’t that attractive either.

Better are the few terracotta & ceramic pots I own.

I am especially proud of the tip shop sourced mug that my daughters grass head is growing in.

Then there’s the old watering can with strawberries painted on it that I planted with….yes you guessed it, a strawberry.

My next door neighbour gave me a lemon balm in a reclaimed LP which is fabulous, although I am disappointed that the label showing it was an old Kamahl album has rubbed off the bottom.

I have had one piece of inspiration and that is to use my old olive oil tins as pots.  I have to admit to being inordinately proud of them, despite actually having done nothing at all in their manufacture other than use a lot of oil and get my partner to drill holes in their base….


And perhaps one last shot……

I’m now desperately searching all manner of op shops for those old Twinnings tins because I think they would look good planted up.  Of course this is all very well but none of these receptacles is big enough to grow anything other than herbs really, except of course for my good old black plastic pots that is….


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7 Responses to Pots, Pots, and more Pots

  1. Mark Willis says:

    I’m a pot-aholic too. You can never have too many pots! My favourite ones are well-aged terracotta.

  2. Leanne says:

    I have a similar problem. I have converted an area near the front door into a BBQ area and have always had lots of pots there, but they are mostly black plastic ones. I decided last summer I needed to do something else but haven’t done anything yet. I better get onto it before you have got all the good pots.

  3. Aren’t you lucky with all that greenery around?

    Living in Saudi (yellow brown landscape!) with an inability to grow our own veggies like I would love, makes me appreciate blog post like this and also coming home on our yearly vacation.

    Love your creativity with the olive oil tins too.

  4. Liz says:

    Thanks all.

    Mark – Terracotta is fabulous isn’t it. For me its tremendously evocative of the Med.

    Leanne – Ha ha! Right, now I’m on a mission – although people dont seem to want to sell their larger pots – todays ebay search
    = nothing. May have to bite the bullet and actually buy new ones…..

    Robyn – Thanks for leaving a comment! Wow Saudi would be a challenge, that is an extreme climate….before living in England I used to whinge about Melbourne’s climate – I don’t anymore…. but England has nothing on Saudi….

  5. Johanna GGG says:

    love your pots – we have a few in our yard – some big ones that are growing our lemon and lime trees – we just have concrete in our backyard so this really makes it look more leafy – but we also have a motley assortment – though a few are nice because they were gifts and I like my pot stands too which make them look a bit special. I particularly like your olive oil tins. Garden architecture is a beautiful thing!

    • Liz says:

      Its interesting – we moved into this house about 4 years ago and I’m slowly building up a collection of nice things in the garden. Somehow it seems to take much longer to aquire garden items – especially when you get most things second hand – I don’t think people get rid of garden things as often.

  6. Diana says:

    Love those olive oil tin recycled container! I have been dying to that for years but my wish for a driller has not been fullfilled yet. I must try harder to convince my partner.

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