July – The Wrap Up

I am sitting here after one of the warmest August weeks in Melbourne ever – it did include the warmest day for the first week of August ever – 23 degrees from memory.  Unfortunately the forecast is for normal service to be resumed next week and the temperature to go back to mid teens.  More scary than the prospect of more cold though is the fact that once again we have had two drier than average months in a row.  I know that it’s probably a little soon to worry but I think I’d feel just a bit happier if it would rain.  Still the dams are a 60% so hopefully watering our veg wont be restricted too much even if it is dry.  I do have a tank but unless it rains a fair bit I still have to use the odd bit of mains water.

July was dry, other than that it was well a normal winter month.  On the plus side: My winter crops grew nicely.  I finally harvested some leeks.  My potatoes arrived and are ready for planting.  I had a few great winter garden salads.  I sowed what I hope will go on to be a beautiful summer crop of tomatoes and I generally prepared for Spring.  On the down side I finished the last of my home grown garlic – I will have to buy it from now until about Christmas which is a bit depressing.  I have planted more this year so hopefully next year I wont run out so early.    The other negative is that I have just noticed the annoying gum leave in the bottom corner of the above photo – still it is fairly representative of my garden – I spend a lot of time moving gum leaves off my beds.  Still all in all it wasn’t too bad a month at all really.

For a full record of what I ate from the garden and did in the garden in July click here: July 2011

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