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Growing Tomatoes in Melbourne – Part 1

As you will have no doubt noticed this blog is called Suburban Tomato, but unless you read my “about” page (pretty recently if your memory is anything like mine…) you wont necessarily know why.  Well this is why: Tomatoes are pretty … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 29th August 2011

I’m afraid that my harvest this week is meagre, or to be more accurate my photo’s of harvest are meagre.  This week I used quite a lot of parsley but failed to photograph it.  Ate quite a lot of watercress … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday – Bye Bye winter, see ya next year.

I think Spring has arrived, I hope Spring has arrived, even if it hasn’t I’m pretending Spring has arrived.  Even though I am a bit relieved that the weather is warming up I do think its only right to say bye … Continue reading

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Pests & Annoyances – 3

Today I bring you 3 garden annoyances – I will try not to whinge too much! Annoyance 1 – Rodents???? There’s something eating my broccoli plants.  I recently planted out 3 nice broccoli seedlings and this is what happened to … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 22nd August 2011

In Melbourne its almost getting to that time when the winter crops start to run out and the spring and summer ones are yet to start.  Luckily I still have watercress to go with my Pumpkin & Feta Filo. Broccoli, … Continue reading

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