June – The Wrap Up

This last week in June has been lovely and mild, a fabulous finish to what has been a bit of a hit and miss month garden wise.  I feel like I have learnt a lot this month, mostly simple (and fairly obvious) things like – plants grow much better when they are not being eaten by slugs and snails……and so on.

I have also learnt more about the micro climate within my garden.  I tracked the sun throughout the month and discovered there are large areas, even within the raised beds that do not actually get any sun at all in much of June.  This certainly explains the stalled growth of my lettuces and to a lesser extent my shallots.  I rediscovered how much the cold slows down the growth of many plants…will my leeks ever get to a decent size?  And yet there are those that love the cold.  I harvested my first broccoli, dug up and processed the horseradish, pulled up more ginger, ate a couple of tamarillos and even cooked what was to be my green manure crop (fenugreek).

I ate salads from the garden loaded with heaps of lovely watercress and pulled beautifully sweet carrots and beetroot.  Actually all in all it wasn’t too bad after all……

Here is a record of what I ate from and did in the garden in June: June 2011

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