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Pumpkin, pumpkin everywhere

The plant: My four year old has hair the colour of the inside of a ripe pumpkin so you’d think she’d have an affinity with it, but alas she won’t touch the stuff.   Of course not everyone likes pumpkin – … Continue reading

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Is it spinach, is it silver beet, or is it chard?

The plant: This plant was grown from seeds which called it perpetual spinach, which is a type of silver beet and is also known as Chard or even Swiss Chard.   Spinach (as opposed to ‘perpetual spinach’ ) is a completely … Continue reading

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Eggplant – The perfect pot plant?

The plant: My mother loves to tell a story about when I was living in the UK and I arrived back home for a visit.  Allegedly I opened the fridge and cried: “what no aubergine!”.  To her this one phrase … Continue reading

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Tomato Tart

There are hardly any tomatoes left on the plants now and they have stopped setting new fruit.  This may be one of the last tomato tarts of the season. Tomato Tart 375 grams ricotta 1 large egg 3 spring onions … Continue reading

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A plan for Winter

I planted my garlic yesterday.  I would have liked to have done it a bit earlier but I couldn’t.  This is largely because I refused to pull out the cucumber plants that have done so well this summer (from 4 … Continue reading

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