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Tiny Tim

I sowed this Tiny Tim tomato in May and it quietly grew on a window sill until late August when I moved it outside.   Do you think it will set fruit this early?

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I sowed tomato seed today

I sowed tomato seed today, lots of it.  Because my parents have gone all grey nomad and headed north for what remains of the winter I am sowing seed for them as well.  As a result I’ve sown quite a … Continue reading

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Top 5 – Ways to Kill a Tomato Plant

OK so the title is a little over the top, but my daughter has been particularly melodramatic of late and I think its rubbed off.  What the post is really about is the mistakes I have made over the years, … Continue reading

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Top 5: Things to grow more of next summer

1. Drying beans – After the success of this years Borlotti crop I have definitely become a drying bean convert.  I’m calling them drying beans but the truth is I don’t have any left to dry having eaten them all … Continue reading

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I cook pasta at least once a week, actually that sentence should probably read I cook Pasta Puttanesca about once a week.  I cook pasta more often but serve it with different sauces on the other days.  Puttanesca, or prostitutes pasta if … Continue reading

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