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I sowed tomato seed today

I sowed tomato seed today, lots of it.  Because my parents have gone all grey nomad and headed north for what remains of the winter I am sowing seed for them as well.  As a result I’ve sown quite a … Continue reading

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June 2012 – The Wrap Up

I think I’ve mentioned before that winter gardening in the southern part of Australia tends to focus on the alliums and brassicas – well at least in Melbourne it does.  That and peas and broad beans.  My peas keep getting … Continue reading

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May 2012 – the Wrap Up

I’m a bit late with my end of May post, my excuse is that I’m doing quite a bit of paid work from home at the moment and unfortunately it needs to take precedence over blogging.  A sad state of affairs indeed.  … Continue reading

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Top 5 (well actually its a Top 7 this week): Seeds to sow over winter

It’s the time of the year when my mind turns to ordering seeds – seeds to sow over Winter for the coming Spring and Summer season.  These are my top 5 food crops to sow over the next 3 months, provided … Continue reading

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Peter Cundall & More Potato Experiments

I occasionally buy Organic Gardener magazine. There is an article by Peter Cundall in  this months issue about growing beans, carrots, and pivotally for this post, potatoes.  I love Peter Cundall – he is definitely one of my heroes.  For anyone … Continue reading

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