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Top 5 – Organic ways to limit damage from pests

When I asked for suggestions for future Top 5s recently both Amber and Nina requested posts about pests.  This particular idea is Nina’s but I think it will cover some of the areas Amber asked for as well.  Thank You … Continue reading

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Flaming Rusty Mint

One of my potted mints has been looking a bit sick for a while. While the rest of my mints are happily celebrating Spring and putting on heaps of new growth, this one has been looking sadder and sadder by the … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – Oct 1st 2012

Its pretty slim pickings in my garden at the moment.  Except for lettuce that is – I have a lot of lettuce.  The leaves in the below basket are Cos.  Also pictured is some of the last of the broccoli.  I … Continue reading

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Citrus Leaf Miners

Annoying little critters aren’t they?  You can see their telltale trails on the leaves below: Although I don’t tend to get other leaf miners, my citrus are frequently attacked by citrus leaf miners.  The general consensus seems to be that … Continue reading

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Small Green Annoyances

The damage: The culprit: Lots of cabbage white caterpillars and a solitary baby snail.  Shame I don’t yet have any chooks to feed them to. Actually although I have quite a few brassicas in the garden at the moment this is the … Continue reading

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