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The Mechanics of Reproduction – Hand Pollinating Pumpkins

I was thinking of a range of different titles for this particular post – but then I thought of the disappointment that any number of 13 year boys would feel when they pulled up a site about gardening rather than … Continue reading

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Bread & Butter Cucumbers

All winter, Australian winter that is, I’ve been reading about people making dill pickles, refrigerator cukes, etc etc etc as the northern hemisphere enjoyed summer.  Well today it is my turn, today I will share with you the most fabulous, … Continue reading

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Cucumber & Radish Salad with Feta Dressing

In another life, or at least long enough ago that it feels like another life, I was vegetarian.  I kind of wish I still was but what with young children and a heavily carnivore partner its easier to just eat … Continue reading

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Tightly held – Cucumbers

Yes this post title is a horrendous pun – you’ll see why later…..sorry in advance. I planted my cucumbers this week (a bit late really they can be planted out from about September onwards in Melbourne), or rather I planted … Continue reading

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