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How to stake tomatoes

There – I’ve done it, I’ve written a blog post title designed to provoke, to create controversy. I recently trained a group of people on Communication & Social Media and one subject that we returned to reasonably frequently was dealing with ‘trolling’, ‘flaming’ … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of Reproduction – Hand Pollinating Pumpkins

I was thinking of a range of different titles for this particular post – but then I thought of the disappointment that any number of 13 year boys would feel when they pulled up a site about gardening rather than … Continue reading

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How to Plait Garlic

I plaited my garlic yesterday, a little longer after harvest than ideal but it still worked fine.  I’m not the neatest plaiter (my daughter often ends up looking a bit disheveled after I have a go at her hair) but … Continue reading

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