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Australian Native Citrus – Finger Limes

It’s finger lime season. Finger limes are an Australian native citrus, indigenous to the Queensland and NSW coast. The fruits are small, about the size of my little finger and when cut open reveal beads of citrussy goodness. The insides … Continue reading

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Citrus Gall Wasp – Pruning

I have been battling citrus gall wasp for a few seasons now and have tried a number of methods to attempt to get rid of them.  I have tried slicing off the galls, I have tried ignoring them and I … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight – Finger Limes

There is a great deal I don’t know about the plant I am spotlighting this week but as I have just had my first harvest I am keen to share it with the world. These are Finger Limes: Finger Limes (Citrus … Continue reading

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Citrus News

Every time I listen to gardening talkback on the radio (about weekly) someone rings in with a question about looking after citrus.  I think this is partially because they do need some maintenance and partially because people really value the … Continue reading

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Citrus Update

I have a number of citrus trees, which are all coming into new growth at the moment.  There’s a lemon tree in the front garden and 7 potted citrus out the back.  The potted citrus are all dwarf except for my finger … Continue reading

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