Pomegranate disappointment

I bought a pomegranate tree about 7 years ago. It spent a couple of years in a pot and then I planted it out to a spot that gets a reasonable amount of afternoon sun. I love pomegranates but ever since I have been waiting. Waiting for even a single fruit to set. The tree is supposed to be self-fertilising, but each year the flowers appear, pretty flowers.

And I watch as the flowers end, and a week or two later the fruit drops off. Each and every one of them. I know they take a while to regularly set fruit. But I think after 7 years I should have had one….surely….at least one beautiful pearl filled fruit.

At least they look pretty I guess, especially in Autumn when their leaves change. But I want fruit, from the pomegranate but also from the feijoa in the above picture which hasn’t ever flowered let alone fruited.

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2 Responses to Pomegranate disappointment

  1. Lyn says:

    I do hope you get some flowers on your Feijoa shrub. I bought a small shrub online last year and in October it flowered profusely, but sadly a storm snapped off the main branch, so the fruit never eventuated. However I at least got photos of the amazing flowers and it is now in excellent condition and I am hoping for more beautiful flowers and maybe fruit, later this year. My Feijoa is still in a large pot as we intend moving and I don’t want to have to disturb it by digging it up. Good luck with both your Feijoa and Pomegranate.

  2. Marisa says:

    I’ve had my tree for about three years, also in a sunny spot in the back yard. I did a lot of research on varieties before buying it, but now can’t remember what kind I chose. This year it had maybe 20 flowers and produced two fruits; a disappointingly small harvest, so I can imagine how frustrated you feel (That said, the fruits were delicious.) Hope you have better luck next time round. Oh, and my lime tree drew even with two limes… maybe I’m just useless at fruit trees!

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