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How to stake tomatoes

There – I’ve done it, I’ve written a blog post title designed to provoke, to create controversy. I recently trained a group of people on Communication & Social Media and one subject that we returned to reasonably frequently was dealing with ‘trolling’, ‘flaming’ … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight (on Sunday) – Tigerella Tomato

I was looking at my spreadsheet with all my produce weights on it the other day and I noticed that Tigerella tomatoes were one of my better performers this year.  I suspect that this due, at least in part, to … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight – Yugoslav Tomatoes

Welcome to my second Saturday spotlight which highlights specific varieties of kitchen garden crops.  We are at the height of the Victorian tomato season at the moment and as such it seems only appropriate to look at a tomato variety.  … Continue reading

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So far so good – Tomatoes

I feel like I constantly need to touch wood writing this post.  After last years less than spectacular efforts with my tomatoes I am a little on the paranoid side.  This year though my tomatoes seem to be coming along very nicely (touch wood). In my … Continue reading

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Tiny Tim

I sowed this Tiny Tim tomato in May and it quietly grew on a window sill until late August when I moved it outside.   Do you think it will set fruit this early?

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