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Saturday Spotlight – ‘Mint’ or ‘Common Mint’

I grow a lot of mints: Spearmint, Peppermint, Vietnamese Mint (which isn’t a true mint), Basil Mint, Chocolate Mint and so on but the mint I like best, the one I use most is usually sold under the imaginative name: ‘Mint’.  (Or … Continue reading

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Minty Fresh

I may have mentioned previously a side bed I have that is situated directly under next doors large Eucalypts.  Whilst I have successfully grown silverbeet in the bed there is little else that does well so I made the decision … Continue reading

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Flaming Rusty Mint

One of my potted mints has been looking a bit sick for a while. While the rest of my mints are happily celebrating Spring and putting on heaps of new growth, this one has been looking sadder and sadder by the … Continue reading

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A Summer of Salads – February

I’m feeling very proud of my lettuces at the moment.  Late last month I planted out my lettuce seedlings into the bed that the potatoes had been in. The above picture shows the plants on the 31st January. This next shot … Continue reading

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Lemon & Mint Cordial

There are lots of lemons around in Melbourne at the moment.  Even my tree which I have been dutifully cutting them off, so it can concentrate on growth, has one on it.  Its not ready yet but until it is, or … Continue reading

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