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Saturday Spotlight on Sunday – Kipfler Potatoes

I planted a few Kipfler potatoes this week.  I think they are my favourite potato variety to grow (although Dutch Cream comes a very close second).  The reasons I love Kipfler are three fold. They are quick – they mature … Continue reading

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Potatoes all year round???

I’ve spent the last year trying to achieve self sufficiency in potatoes.  I like the idea of self sufficiency in anything for two reasons: to borrow a phrase from Diary of a Tomato: it always feels good to “disengage from the military industrial complex” by not … Continue reading

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Sweet Potatoes

Aren’t sweet potato plants cool?  If you let them get on with their own thing – ie; growing, they are very dedicated to task.  This is what happens when their roaming stems root into the soil: They form little sweet potatoes.  Actually … Continue reading

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Roasted Sweet Potato & Parsnip Soup

My daughter must be learning about the seasons at school at the moment as she keeps mentioning how tomorrow is the first day of winter.  Personally I think having to run to the shower so as not to lose too … Continue reading

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Growing Sweet Potatoes in Melbourne – Part 2

Look what’s happened to me again.  I say again because exactly the same thing happened last year.  A long forgotten sweet potato decided to shoot while abandoned in the back of my cupboard.  Cool huh?  Like last year I plan … Continue reading

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