Photo-Vember: Aphids with your Aioli?

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9 Responses to Photo-Vember: Aphids with your Aioli?

  1. L says:

    *Shudder* I had those things all over my hands after I pulled out my crop. Do you know they dye your hands purple?

  2. Liz says:

    Urrrgh – really?

  3. I hate aphids too especially the black ones! They breed at a fantastic rate which I suppose would happen when they are born pregnant!

    • Liz says:

      Are they really? That is a fabuilous bit of trivia! I seem to have a mix of eggs and insects on mine – but the pyrethrum seems to have helpfully got rid of quite a lot.

  4. Shawn Ann says:

    oh I hate aphids. They are just covering my mums lately and just don’t want to go away! Sorry you got them.

  5. Mark Willis says:

    Just tell people that the black specks in the Aioli are bits of crushed black pepper!

  6. Leanne says:

    I have them too, how do you get rid of them?

    • Liz says:

      I have to admit I sprayed mine with Pyrethrum which has been pretty effective – it will also kill beneficial insects like ladybirds though so you need to check you’ve haven’t got anything nice in the area.

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