May – The Wrap Up

May was a good month for produce.  The capsicums finally ripened, the pumpkin continued on, as did the eggplants and chillies.  I have plenty of herbs around and the celery, lettuce and chard all look and taste great.

Having said that I still bought in a fair amount of veg, I was a long way from self sufficiency in carrots, potatoes, onions (although I don’t intend to be), coriander (which I am working very hard to fix), cauliflower and tomatoes.  Of these my priorities will be potatoes and tomatoes and coriander.  On a more positive note I am still using home grown garlic and I had no need to buy: pumpkin, capsicums, chillies, eggplant, most herbs, lettuce or beans.  Most excitingly I harvested my first ginger.   YAY!!!!! I will post seperately on my efforts to grow Ginger, Turmeric and Galangal.  All in all May was a good month, few major pests about and some joy with plants that have struggled a bit in a particularly mild summer and cool autumn.

The following link shows exactly what I did in and ate from my kitchen garden in
May: May 2011

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