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Monday Harvest – 14th October 2013

It’s weeks like this when I am very, very glad that Coburg has a Farmers Market.  I’m smack bang in the middle of a ‘hungry gap’ with many of my winter crops finished or finishing and the summer ones a … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 7th October 2013

I finally got round to spending some time in the garden yesterday.  A lot of that time was spent cleaning up, and planting summer crops – the tomatoes are in – yay!  I also found time for some harvesting.  I pulled … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 30th Sep 2013

I don’t think I planned my garden particularly well this year.  I have a lot of gaps in the beds, and have had for quite some time.  I’m about to have a lot more as I rip out all the lettuces, … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 29th July 2013

I need to stop giving in to my clucking hens and refrain from letting them run wild throughout my veggie garden.  They are digging up and destroying crops all over the place.  I did manage to salvage a few things … Continue reading

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Monday Harvest – 8th July 2013

Before I kick off with my harvests this week I had a question from a reader that I had no idea how to answer.  Does anyone have experience with apricot trees and their ailments?  If so Nola would love your … Continue reading

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