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Lumpy bits – Citrus Gall Wasp

My citrus are under attack, I have found the dreaded lumps on my Eureka Lemon, Meyer Lemon, Orange and Lime.  Unlike many of Australia’s pests citrus gall wasp is actually a native annoyance.  Having lived for years in our native … Continue reading

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Fruiting against the odds

Last year I was tempted to pull out my old passionfruit vine.  It was established in the garden when we bought the house 5 years ago and was fruiting when we moved in that July – which is in the middle of … Continue reading

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Thursday Kitchen Cupboard – Plums

Last time I went up to mum & dads the kids were put to work picking plums, all very well and good except they insisted on bringing all the plums they’d picked, home with them.  This meant I had 7kgs … Continue reading

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Photo-Vember: Navel Gazing

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Lemon & Mint Cordial

There are lots of lemons around in Melbourne at the moment.  Even my tree which I have been dutifully cutting them off, so it can concentrate on growth, has one on it.  Its not ready yet but until it is, or … Continue reading

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